Best Selling Rajkumari Original Clothing Collection – 2017

Best Selling Rajkumari Original Clothing Collection – 2017

When the year ends, what every girl, woman and lady cares about is the best-selling clothing products of the specific year which designate “Trends of the year in respect of fashion” and women’s urge to renovate their closet’s fillings becomes the desire for the next year. In 2017, Rajkumari, the leading online clothing store’s collection experienced fame and appreciation and those turn out to be best seller products of the year. So, if you’re seeking to refill your wardrobe with classic clothing wears and splendid ethnic wears, here are the top-notch clothing products available at Rajkumari—

#1 Lashkara Anarkali

Lashkara Anarkali is a modish-traditional Anarkali suit which has become one of the top-most trending evolution in Anarkali suits. At the entering phase of Anarkalis in fashion, it was considered as an outfit to be put up on occasions demanding heavy outfits and jewellery. However, with Rajkumari, the evolution of Anarkali is done via lovely eight meters flares, the Shan-toon linings detailed using flaunting pom-poms, and fabric used—Georgette and are worth wearing irrespective of an occasion as it contains both simplicity and majesty akin to designer outfits. Women carrying fat usually struggle the chaos of moving from one store to another but not with Lashkara Anarkali as it doesn’t reveal fat. Thus, it can be carried out and look devilishly-amazing at every woman irrespective of weight and size.

Choosing a Lashkara Anarkali for any kind of smooth or heavy occasion you will be amazed to know numerous of ways of carrying a Lashkara Anarkali—as a smooth evening gown, as a proper Anarkali suit flaunting with a fully-embroidered or designer dupattas, and eccentric necklines.

#2 Hazel Top

Women are distinctive on the basis of personality and choice of clothing, for an instance, some women find most of the comfort in Kurti whereas some women find comfort in tops. Who knows women better than Rajkumari and hence, Rajkumari has cancelled this base of a distinction between women by combining top and Kurti. Hazel Top is simply a combination of top and Kurti imparting women a choice to wear it in whatever way. In brief, Hazel tops are made of Rayon fabric (most preferable in women). Additionally, to impart women wearing Hazel top an elegant look, it is detailed with colourful tassels.

Hazel tops are free to be carried over jeans or Palazzos. These simply serve a woman personality with strong fashion sense. Hazel tops are perfect to be carried for a casual wear. Along with this, one of the appreciable parts of Hazel tops is necklines. A stylish neckline of Hazel top gives you chance to showcase your accessories even on a casual day.

#3 Boho Vibes Dress

Artistry is leading subject in fashion this year and what excites Rajkumari to set up Artistry in wardrobes is the idea of “Boho Vibes Dress.” Bohemian looks are getting into the fashion senses of customers all over the world and thus, “Boho Vibes Dresses” are satisfying these with its soft Rayon original fabric with tassels detailed on sleeves.

Boho Vibes dresses are graced with the bell rings at the outlines and available in numerous of colours at Rajkumari. What is admirable about these dresses is the “button-style.” Boho Vibes dress’ button-style solely awards your personality with sophistication.

#4 Vartika Kurti

Vartika Kurti is one of top-notch selling clothing product in 2017. What women love is all available in Vartika Kurti roping in quirky and unique-designed sleeves. Vartika Kurtis is free to carry over leggings, jeans, and printed pedal pushers. Conversing about women’s casual look—what could look more feminine than sparkly hangings? The answer is Hand-made hangings that belt up your waist over Vartika Kurti and imparts you with a flawless and non-heavy hanging-end. Vartika Kurti’s hangings generate an invincible look. For an instance, a woman can simply tie the hanging on the side and she is good to showcase her classy walk with parading hangings. Comforting Vartika Kurti is made with Tie-n-Dye Rayon—soft to touch and feels good at skin.

At Rajkumari, Vartika Kurtis are findable in plain as well as lining prints, whatever soothes you!

#5 Pretty Long Top

Long tops are evergreen. They’re kind of a Kurti, however, gives an amazing modern look at an Indian girl’s personality. These Kurtis come with different necklines comprising in closed neckline which is more popular in audience these days. Rajkumari has been imparting the customers with antique colours, clothing fabric, pin tucking neck designs and collar converting to knot at back. Conversing on occasion to wear Pretty Long top could be casual as well as formal. One can simply carry long top at formal interviews, meetings, and others. These Kurtis are available in cold colours, so as to give a soft and confident personality look. The clothing fabric used in the making of a Long top is Rayon—recommendable for the summer season as it works as a quick moisture absorbent and preferable in long-run closet collections.

This idea of a long top is a contribution to the women who don’t feel comfortable in proper formals or Kurtas with slits.

#6 High Slit Top

High Slit Top is top with straight cuts or opening from one side. These tops are at number six in fashion trending for the year 2017. Fashion or modernization of tops isn’t only the motive of introducing High slit tops but secondary motive comprising in enhancing the comfortability for a woman who not wanting to feel wrapped like a roll in long tops or kurtas. More often, women prefer slits as this showcase the lower wearing’s—printed leggings, jeans or palazzos. These high slit tops are fabricated using Rayon and are both casually and formally wearable. These high slit tops come in distinctive colours.

These high slit tops impart an amazing look when carried under blazers or short jackets in the winter season. Standing collars and zip at back are one of the major appreciable element put into High Slit top to correspond the latest fashion demands.

#7 Stripe Out Kurtis

Stripes are undoubtedly an indication of simple and classy look. Stripe out Kurtis are mainly preferred by women as it doesn’t reveal fat.  Stripes help to make a woman look slim and tall. At Rajkumari, one can have Kurtis designed with multiple coloured stripes or can simply choose the colour of their demand. These are fabricated with Crepe and since the appearance of crepe comes out to be distinctive according to its type, women are free to call their kind of crepe fabric. It is worth mentioning that these Kurtis don’t require any regular ironing and are anytime ready to wear.

Long sleeves with stripes aesthetic and keeps skin cool according to the season. These are carriable atop of narrow ending jeans or even trousers. Moreover, these Kurtis easily go for any casual or formal occasion.

#8 Chitra crop top and Skirt

Are you ready for the flary look skirts have been given in the year 2017 along with the traditional crop top that imparts woman with a modish outfit for heavy functions? Chitra Crop Top and Skirt is a complete combination of the plucky and sissy peer. This crop top is graced with Taffeta and shantoon lining detailed with mirror work. Skirts are fully flary in a circular which gives an ethnic look to the modish skirt and top. Plain coloured skirt exposes classiness in outfit and mirror and pearl worked blouse. Dupattas enhances the elegance of crop top and skirt via finished unique embroidery and pearl work over the outline. Chitra Crop top and Skirt are now available at affordable prices at Rajkumari.

Entirely or elegantly embroidered Dupattas are carriable in numerous of ways over Chitra Crop top and Skirt and hence, easy to pick a traditional crisp and flaunt it well.


#9 Double Flared short and maxi dresses

Dresses are one the favourites of the year 2017, a sudden and bold trend that has given a woman in India freedom to choose one piece of flares. These flaring maxi dresses and short dresses come into Shantoon lining using Georgette fabric. Georgette flaunting flares give the dresser more than a casual look, although, it is a casual wear. These are more often than not, made for a woman not finding comfort in tight leggings and jeans. Maxi dresses are best to carry in summers and over vacations to warm locations. Indeed, the double flaring short and maxi dresses don’t make the dress heavy but easy to carry. Illusionary necklines explicit beauty bones.

Double flared short and maxi dresses both fit perfectly to every woman irrespective of height and weight. These dresses fit woman at best because of the knot at the backside and never disappoint to expose boldness.

#10 Easy-Go Co-Ord

Do you want to look tall? Do you want to step parallel to fashion trends? Do you want to carry tops elegantly? “Easy-Go Co-Ord” is perfect dress combo for you. It is one of the best-selling clothing product in the year 2017 and only multiple pieces dress. Indeed, this outfit is popular for its coloured capes. In details, Easy-Go Co-Ord comes into three pieces comprising in a crop top with ruffles detailing at the outline of the neckline, corresponding palazzo, and colourful Cape. High waist palazzos are distinctive from the palazzos you may carry with Kurtis. These Palazzos imparts a taller look to a woman and then, they can avoid heels while wearing them. Indeed, the women who need to stand and consistent move whole day must put on Easy-Go Co-Ord as its comfortability level is high and they can avoid heels.

Easy-Go Co-Ord is a casual wear, however, brings a modish look into your regular fashion sense.

#11 Flawless Skirt-Top Set

Are you obsessed with decent look, however, at the same time you want to stay in royalty look? Flawless Skirt-Top set by Rajkumari is perfect for you. The tops are crop and graced using crossed net. These kinds of tops are into trending for long, however, don’t go off the trending because of decent look they impart. Crossia net let the woman flaunt body shape and gives positive vibes about body shape and comfort in own skin. Flawless Skirt-Top Set falls into the category of casual wear, however, casual adds with royal when the flary lycra lining skirt graced with crepe flaunts from high waist to floor.

This combo of skirt and top is freely carriable at small gatherings at home or any other casual gatherings. Moreover, you woman can prefer to or not wear heels as the skirt is floor-touching and thus, makes it woman’s call.

#12 Diva Suit

Diva Suit is the demand of ethnic world of fashion fulfilled by Rajkumari. Dive Suits are made using Georgette and finished with sequins detailing at the outlines or even fully or partly. Diva Suits has brought back the passion of suits with elegant back designs detailed with hangings. This comes in multiple pieces suit roping in Dupatta, churidar or leggings and Kurta. Conversing about Dupatta—you can easily carry dupatta with Diva suit as it is not heavy, although contains sequin work on the outline of dupatta. The Georgette used by Rajkumari for dress gracing is soft and can be carried for long running functions. Diva Suits explain how embraced a woman can look in ethnic.

Are you choosing some heavy work dress but worry how would you handle it? Choose Diva Suit, it brings out a complete heavy look without any heavy work except sequins.

The above brief descriptions of Best-selling clothing products of 2017 are available at Rajkumari and containing affordable price tags. Moreover, find original clothing products at Rajkumari and stay safe with its returning policies as well, in case, you don’t find the product right or not matching to your expectations. Women are free to make a request regarding measurements and change in size accordingly.

Excited to refill your wardrobe with best of 2017, visit Rajkumari and grab deals within your budget.

Creative Minds and delighted Faces behind RajKumari

Creative Minds and delighted Faces behind RajKumari

Take a moment spare out of your intense schedule of daily life and think how beautiful life could be with your siblings reunited into one business as an incredible payback to your mother. Sounds amazing and fun, right? This is what “RAJKUMARI” is all about, three sisters reuniting into an e-commerce platform out of passion and love towards their mother—Rajkumari.

Neha, Smrati and Tanishka, the three elegant young ladies have got their fashion-passion pies in the sky as looking at their mother’s passion towards fashion as a boutique owner. Owing to the needs of hours in childhood, all three girls hustled into their studies well, however, didn’t let go the excitement of taking in possession of “fashion” for a lifetime as an indebtedness to Rajkumari, their mother.

To the three daughters, Rajkumari ji as a boutique owner is an epitome of creativity and a self-made woman. With what these three daughters are today, the credit is worth paying to Rajkumari Sharma. Conversing about Fashion designing and re-making of women’s closet—these senses are genetic in the sisters. Also, somewhere the three sisters owe it all to their mother who instilled them in a love for art and fashion.

Let us know the Team-

Neha Sharma (Co-founder)

Young Neha worked at software development company for 7.5 years after acquiring her education. Her devotion towards her job didn’t curtail her even a little from fashion and industry. She kept an eye on trending and know-how in the industry without any intention of entering into it. However, the destiny has planned something unpredictable for her. Later in 2016, Neha held hands of her other two sisters and grasped the desire of meeting the dreams with reality—making them one! In 2017, She left her job as Team lead from HCL.

Today, Neha at Rajkumari operates as “Operation and Marketing Head.”

To Neha, one of the major element to step on the stairs of success is “No turning backs.” In Neha’s vision, what has been holding her still to success goals is– exploring the fashion world and exposing her green thumb of marketing strategies in taking Rajkumari at the heights of easy streets. Indeed, Neha has been one of the major characters in the setting up of Rajkumari and bringing her sisters expertise in fashion to light.

Tanishka Sharma (Co-founder)

Tanishka, the enlightened face of Rajkumari is a well-known Model. She grasped her post-graduate diploma in Fashion designing from JD Institute, Noida. Tanishka is comparatively active and buckles down on the subject of modelling. The heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind connection of all three daughters with mother Rajkumari, Tanishka also takes great interest in designing and appearing her suggestions into Rajkumari’s collection.

Tanishka is quite a hard worker and multi-tasker. She likes to start her day with an amazing work out session and further, brainstorming into fashion trends.

In Tanishka voice, she has found herself as a statue of fashion and clothing in childhood only. Little Tanishka used to follow the fashion shows and trends, however, what she used to follow more than anything is her mother, Rajkumari. Tanishka says “I am proud that how I used to follow my mother, the world will be following Rajkumari (her) soon.”

Smrati Sharma (Co-founder)

From being a master of own subtle-creative mind that goes beyond the bars of simplicity and overwhelmed to see mother’s hustling, Smrati Sharma earned the position as Creative head and fashion stylist at Rajkumari. She acquired her post graduate in Creative Designing from Footwear Design and Development Institute, Noida. To Smrati, being into fashion industry didn’t happen out of the blue, indeed, she always wanted to put her fashion ideas in mind to reality and with Rajkumari, she made it come true.

In words of Smrati, “success isn’t something which comes with flying castles in the air, it comes with dignity and day-to-day compensation to achieve.” Smrati goals in life and career stand holding the roots of fashion & talent and now, she is accomplishing those dreams at Rajkumari.

It is worth mentioning, how all three sisters are distinctive from each other in nature, what they’ve acquired in studies and what they dreamt of; however, at the end, all three daughters are linked with the love towards their mother and desire to take proud in her name.