Become a Rajkumari Affiliate
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Great Earning Potential - Rajkumari’s affiliate marketing program

Rajkumari provides a fantastic earning opportunity for all its affiliate members. Everyone can earn upto 12% commission on every transaction that they make through their affiliate link.

Payment:All the profit that you earn from the transactions made through your links is safe and secured in your Rajkumari account. You can transfer it into your bank accountany time.

No Compliance Issue: Becoming a Rajkumari Affiliate is the simplest thing to do. There is nodocumentation required to partner with us. Take a look at the simple three-step process

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Sign up

You can easily sign-up for the Affiliate Program on the website by filling up the necessary details like your Name, Mobile Number, E-mail ID, and Password.

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Start recommending and share from our wide variety of products with your audience. We have customized linking tools for every influencer. We welcome everyone from individual bloggers to Youtubers, publishers, and other social media influencers.

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Earn up to 12% commissions from qualifying purchases and programs.

"To automate the deal-sharing process, affiliate members can use Rajkumari’s exclusive tools. It will help simplify the process and makes it more efficient. It is beneficial for Telegram users, Facebook & WhatsApp group owners.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Affiliate Programme work?

You can share Rajkumari products with your audience through a customized linking tool and earn money on qualifying purchases and customer actions like signing up for a free trial program. Learn more.

How do I earn in this programme?

You can earn from all the qualifying purchases that you make for Rajkumari. Commission income for qualifying purchases and programs differs based on the product category. Learn more.

How do I qualify for this programme?

We welcome all the influencers, including Vloggers, Bloggers, publishers, and content creators, with an established Website, YouTube Channel, Instagram accounts, etc. They can participate in this program and earn handsomely.Learn more.

How do I sign up to the programme?

Sign up to the programme here

You can visit our website and easily Sign up for the Affiliate program. Once we receive your application, we will review it and approve if it meetsall the qualifying criteria. Learn more.